Accounting for Companies - Issue of Debentures -

Accounting for Companies - Issue of Debentures

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Debentures as a source of finance suit companies which have regular earnings to service the debts, and offers adequate financial security to the Company and motivate the investors to invest in debentures in order to earn a fixed return on the investments.

In a depressed market conditions, Debentures plays an important role in providing a good source of finance for a Company. In the present era, the recent trends regarding the issue of Debentures has been quite encouraging.

We have designed this course to ensure that the students will gain an in depth knowledge regarding Debentures. Our course have been designed in an student friendly manner with charts, graphics and pictorial representations to make learning easy.

The Unique features of our Course are:

-Small, concise, brief and to the point lectures.

- Downloadable PDFs, quizzes and other files

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- Practical examples

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