Accounting In 45 Minutes -

Accounting In 45 Minutes



This Course will provide you basic conceptual knowledge of Accounting. You can easily complete it in 45 minutes which includes all the basic of accounting in video and also includes Quizzes to check out your concepts after understanding this course. The Course will be helpful for business students, business owners, entrepreneurs, manager and anyone who are willing to learn basic of accounting.

In just only 45 minutes you can learn all the basics of Accounting

The Course Content Includes is as follow

  • Basic of Accounting in which we will conceptually understand what is business and its forms¬† , the definition of Accounting

  • Understand the Accounting Cycle which each business adopt in order to achieve the growth and profit in their business

  • Components of Accounting in which we will conceptually understand Asset, Expense, Liability, and Income

  • Understand the logic behind the Accounting Equation with simple daily life example

  • Crack the rules of debit and credit and conceptually understand these Rules

  • Basic of Accounting Quiz 1

  • Understand the basic Principles of Accounting

  • Understand the concepts behind creating the Financial Statements

  • Conceptual Accounting Quiz 2

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