Mastering Advanced C Programming: Pointers (In Depth) -

Mastering Advanced C Programming: Pointers (In Depth)



To be an expert C programmer you need to master on pointers.

The course explain Pointers really in depth and hands on! You will learn all the concepts that are very valuable to understand the real “Funda” of Pointers which Most of the Text Books and FREE Youtube video don’t cover.

In this course you will get:

  • 5 Hours Of High Quality Video

  • Quizzes after each video to test your Knowledge

  • Coding Quizzes

  • C codes of all the programmes!

This is not a course for the beginners. This is an intermediate level course. Who have the basic knowledge in C programming and what to move to the Advance Level can really interested about pointer can take the course.

If you’ve struggled with pointers and have knowledge gap in this area then this course fits you.

This course is designed in a very scientific way, In a series of short, tightly-targeted lessons, you will learn all about:

  • computer memory and how pointers access it

  • how memory is allocated

  • what happens when you ‘cast’ pointers to specific types

  • why some pointers are ‘generic’

  • What happens if type mismatch problem occurs and how to avoid it.

  • Malloc, calloc, realloc with real hands on in depth!

With this course we provide you all the source codes in C. So just download and run your code on your IDE!

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