Advanced Still Life Painting Techniques -

Advanced Still Life Painting Techniques



In this class you will learn a variety of tips for how to paint expressive still life artwork. As with any style an artist needs to develop the right approach to their creativity in order to find freedom in their work.

Painting loosely requires just as much skill as any other style. Perhaps less time but the technique needs to be there! To pull off abstract style art you need to develop good fundamentals and be willing to invest time in design and composition. This is where you find freedom!

The Common Misconception

Many artists think painting loosely is easy. Just grab a brush, load it up with paint and start slinging it on the canvas. You may get lucky once in a while doing this but more often than not it ends in more heartache. Plus you waste valuable studio time, materials and money.

There's A Better Solution

Simplifying your subjects into basic geometric shapes can easily improve your paintings. Why? Because now you will have the opportunity to work quickly in the design process. It's much easier to sketch basic shapes than detailed objects. And once you understand this concept you will start to envision how these basic shapes fit within the frame.

Included In This Course

Three complete finished painting examples that are created from start to finish. Each example is slightly different and will focus on certain aspects of design and expressive painting techniques. This will give you a well rounded look at how you can approach your subjects and teach you various methods for painting expressively.

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