Amazon FBA Full Guide - Dominate the Amazon Marketplace -

Amazon FBA Full Guide - Dominate the Amazon Marketplace



This course covers everything you need to know in order to begin selling on Amazon, it covers are the basic and most advanced tactics required to run a successful online business and the business model that we will be using is private labeling on Amazon FBA.

I will begin the course by talking about what amazon FBA is and how it compares to other online business models because there definitely are 100's of other online business models but I believe that Amazon FBA is by far the best one. I may be a bit biased with the last statement but this is because I have been able to cash in Over 6 Million Dollars In Revenue within the past 7 years on Amazon and the yearly revenue continues to grow year over year.

We then dive deep into product research which I believe is the most important aspect of this course because doing proper product research is the equivalent to building a strong foundation for a skyscraper because without one you're limiting yourself to how high you can build your building without tipping over and that is why I have hours of content split between two different sections on how to conduct proper product research.

After you learn to find the right product I will show you how you can communicate with the suppliers of these products because purchasing these products on wholesale sites isn't as simple as purchasing them from amazon, there is a lot of communication involved before placing an order because you have to let supplier know of any customizations needed for the product. I will be showing and providing templates on how you can negotiate prices down by 10-15% which makes all the difference when trying to increase your profit per unit.

After placing your order it is crucial that you understand how to create a successful product listing, because having a high-quality product but not having the decent listing to show for it will kill all chances of success with this product, so I go over all the different aspects of a listing which includes title, bullet points, description, and images. This will ensure that your listing is eye-catching and get the best conversion rates within your category.

Once your listing is live on Amazon you may be thinking that your work is done and that is exactly what I thought when I launched my first product, but although you may be close there is still one step that a lot of people tend to look over myself included which is the marketing aspect. It is very crucial that you have a launch strategy put in place before going live on Amazon because this is a very time-sensitive step. I will show you how to quickly increase your sales rank and number of reviews which are both important aspects of appearing higher in search results and having credibility for your product.



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