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We Must Be Doing Something Right Here:)

I decided to make the first 15 lectures of App~Promote~Ology Free. If you want to truly Dominate your Competition and there's a lot of competition out there. You Can continue on learning and furthering your education by simply contacting me via Udemy Private Message System seen in your Udemy Dashboard and I will personally give you a Huge Discounted Price to continue along your learning.

This course is Perfect for Mobile Game App Marketing/Promoting or Any Other Genre of Apps You may have such as Non-gaming apps. Most of the Strategies will cover any type of app you may have! You'll become an Expert Promoter and Marketer, whether it's a Game app or Social app, or any other type of app out there today! 

If you're not sure about this course or if it's not right for you or you just have a question before committing to this course. Please Don't hesitate to send me a private message through Udemy first and I'll respond asap.

JUST Recently ADDED: Lecture 230: This Place You Can Sell Your Apps - Earners Making Up To $20K Per Month!!! Now that's a Nice Passive Income!

Lecture 231: The Latest Countries You Should Be Doing Your Soft Launches In To Save Money!

Lecture 232: Top Three Voted App Store Optimization Companies Comparison Chart - Updated

Lecture 233: Bonus: How The Experts Achieve Top Keyword Rankings For App Store Keywords!

Lecture 240: Expert Advice For Any App Developer To Extend Their Revenue Stream By 2-3 Years!

94% of App Revenue Is Generated From Just 1% of the Publishers. The importance of ASO also known as App Store Optimization, retention, and monetization for smaller publishers is so Very Important. If you are just starting out as an app developer or you have been doing this for a few years never tasting success. Then this course is Paramount and going to keep you afloat during the  tough times ahead. 99% of app developers are flying blind into a Monster Wall, Not realizing just How Difficult it Really is to make Money even if you feel you have a Great app!

*Don't Be Scared Off By All The Lectures. Pick And Choose What's Right For Your Situation And Budget At The Time! The Lectures Are Made Very Short And To The Point, So You Won't Be Wasting Your Time.

*Students Can Post And Get Free Reviews For Their App, As Well As Free Beta Testing. Our Community Is Always Growing And Looking To Help Each Other Out. Just Ask :)

This course I've specifically designed for the Beginner all the way up to Advanced App Developer who needs to Learn Exactly how to Successfully Market, Promote and Monetize your apps, so that you can actually make a living doing what you enjoy the most, coding! More Importantly, I'll Teach you How to Dominate your Competition!

Testimonial: Lecture 197 changed my life! Your strategy worked! I received over 150,000 downloads in a little over 4 days with NO Money! I can't wait to try this next month. On top of this Great news, I received Over 85,000 Plus in Free Organic traffic for my iOS game. I went from nowhere up to Top 50 in my category in the USA. I can't thank you enough. - From Collene Smith

This course is constantly being updated with the Latest and Best Expert Strategies to make you More Money, Period! The course consists of 233 Lectures with New lectures coming Every Month. You will Learn about what the Experts and Big Companies use to maintain their Prominent standings, such as, what Services, Companies and Tools they use to achieve their Dominance in the App Marketing, App Promoting and App Monetization of their iOS and Android Apps.

It has taken me over 7 years to Study and Master the App Marketing, App Promoting and App Monetization Eco-System which is constantly changing. I've structured each lecture to be concise, to the point much like a Question and Answer format, so as Not to waste your time. Most lectures will be around 1 to 2 minutes long with some no longer than 3-12 minutes long. You should be able to finish this course inside of 1 week and become an App Marketing, App Promoting and App Monetization Expert. You should be more than capable of Doubling or even Tripling your downloads just by using a few Expert Strategies. Pick and choose what Strategies you want and see what happens? Simply add more Strategies and watch your Downloads Increase further.

One of my Favorite Lectures is where I teach you how to achieve over 125,000 downloads in a few days on a Zero Budget. Simply rinse and repeat this one over and over again!!!

You should take this course for several reasons, one being that you are actually getting Expert strategies from those that have already achieved millions of downloads and these Tips are still working today. Plus, I keep this course Fresh, New and Updated throughout the year, so you can get in on the ground floor when an Expert Strategy hits and nobody knows about it. Also, Learn about the Latest Free traffic streams that can help you increase your Downloads Real Fast!

Lastly, I've been known to Over Deliver on my Promises and that's what my Reputation is all about. If you Truly want to Succeed as an App Developer Today, then you Need to Learn Exclusively what's inside this Most Comprehensive online course today!

Please give me the Privilege of teaching you how to become an App Marketing, App Promoting and App Monetization Master inside of a few weeks. I'll see you inside the course:)

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