Android Apps with Ads monetization - without coding -

Android Apps with Ads monetization - without coding




Learn how to develop and build Amazing Android Apps without coding skills , enable ads and start your earnings now from best famous ads platforms (Google Admob - StartApp - AppLovin - AppBrain - Amazon).

This course will explain everything from the beginning to the end explaining:

how to make wonderful Android apps without coding.

how to control the theme , colors , menu , navigation bar , App icon ,  Screen Background , App Layout.

how to add Photo Gallery , text , map , web-view ,  Email and phone contact , Social pages , Audio player , radio and more.

how to enable advanced features like Push Notifications , Firebase Analytics , Apps multiple Screens (Sub-menu App).

how to make Accounts and enable Ads for Google Admob - StartApp - AppLovin - AppBrain - Amazon.

how to publish your App in Google play and Amazon Appstore.

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