GMAT,GRE Math - Weighted Averages, Mixtures and Alligations -

GMAT,GRE Math - Weighted Averages, Mixtures and Alligations

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'Weighted Averages, Mixtures and Alligations' is one of the most important topics in all Test Prep exams. Understanding the concepts and applying time saving techniques will help you solve these problems in the most efficient way. If you lack confidence when it comes to Mixtures and Alligations, you have come to the right place. Our course takes you on a step by step journey so that you will be able to tackle even the most difficult problems with ease. Experience more than 25 real life examples of Mixtures and Alligations which will surely keep you hooked whilst learning.

By the end of our course solving Weighted Averages, Mixtures and Alligations problems will be like second nature! Please remember to leave a review or star-rating. 

About the Instructor :

This course was created by Ganesh Pai, Founder of Don't Memorise. A voice over artist has been used to keep a neutral tone to the audio of all lessons.

With his love of math and fascination for simplifying complex problems Ganesh made his first educational video whilst tutoring online. Here, he experienced first-hand the ways in which edutech can revitalize education and the space it creates for anytime, anywhere learning. From this grew his long passion and term vision to create free learner centric ‘lessons’ through technology for students from all walks of life in India and ultimately across the globe.

In 2013 he established ‘Don’t Memorise’ with three core objectives. Firstly, and most importantly all resources always remain free of cost to end users. Ganesh is committed to the belief high quality education is a basic right regardless of economic circumstance. Secondly, all videos follow his ‘Don’t Memorise, Know More!’ philosophy. This entails videos having a strong conceptual element to bridge the gap between theory and application. In general, a simple story format is used to relate theory to real life. Finally, content needs to be relevant in order to have the maximum impact. His educational content can be used by anyone anywhere however it is currently being developed to meet learning needs of students in India.

Ganesh has written the content for over 1,300 math related videos, ranging from middle school math to Test Prep lessons that are available on his website Don't Memorise (dot) com. He has personally trained and developed a highly capable small technical team to work with him.

In just over two years Ganesh and ‘Don’t Memorise’ has developed a loyal and growing learner base that regularly access their resources from over a 170 countries. January 2015 saw the launch of Don’t Memorise’s own YouTube channel, its success marked with over 850k of views to date. His videos are also embedded in over 30 different educational websites. Aside from creating educational resources Ganesh interacts on various educational sites helping students solve specific problems. On one such site, Socratic(dot)org, around 32,000 students in 150 countries have had their learning support!

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