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Become an expert voice artist




Award-winning voice artist, speaker and presenter, Hanlé Barnard (SAFTA NOMINATION ZANEWS, BEST PRESENTER AWARD) has had the pleasure of working with top advertising agencies including Saatchi & Saatchi, Ogilvy, King James, Prime Media (to name a few) and with Emmy Award-nominated company - Puppet Nation. She has also enjoyed being the narrator for various television shows.

Here she gives you secrets about becoming a top voice actor and how to use your microphone to get the best results. Whether you are looking at becoming a professional voice actor, do podcasts, want to create your own youtube channel, a public speaker, in telemarketing, or want to use your voice to get the best results - this course is for you.

This in-depth course gives plenty food for thought, discusses important aspects of the industry you need to know, explains what you can do to get ahead, and offers essential techniques on becoming excellent in your field. Get ready to do crucial exercises, getting the best out of your voice and excelling behind a microphone. 

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