Bootstrap First, Raise Money Later with Sramana Mitra -

Bootstrap First, Raise Money Later with Sramana Mitra




Learn the importance of bootstrapping, key techniques, and how bootstrapping can help gain attention from investors.

Hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs get rejected by investors and accelerators every year. Y Combinator rejects over 95% of their applicants. Andreessen Horowitz rejects 99% of theirs. In this mind-boggling stream of rejections, there are numerous high potential companies that need to bootstrap their way to fundability or sustainability.

Sramana does not want entrepreneurs to waste their precious time and money. The waste stems from a widespread misunderstanding of how investors think. Over 99% of founders chase funding before they are fundable. Here, Sramana teaches how bootstrapping can help a startup reach that fundable stage. Once fundable, a startup can go to investors like a king, not a beggar.

What is bootstrapping? Bootstrapping means building a business without external financing. This differs from businesses funded by investors.

Nowadays, startups can be built while a founder is still fully employed. Many entrepreneurs start as solo founders and achieve great progress until they need a team. Virtual teams are common these days and easily affordable. Sramana encourages entrepreneurs not to quit their day job until their business becomes fundable or sustainable.

In a world battered by economic uncertainty, Sramana Mitra believes, entrepreneurship is the only sustainable path forward. And core to the success of these ventures is the art of bootstrapping.

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