Problem Solving Skills using C : Build Your Logic -

Problem Solving Skills using C : Build Your Logic

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The Course focuses on on problem solving skills using C programming. The course is helpful for building your logic.

The Course demonstrates step by step implementation of code for 50+ interesting problem statements. Some problem statements are mentioned below -

  1. Check whether given character is in upper case or lower case.

  2. Find the maximum number among given three numbers.

  3. Check whether user entered character is vowel or consonant.

  4. Perform aritmetic operations (+,-,*, and /) on given two numbers. Ask user which operation to perform.

  5. Print the all odd number from 1 to 100 using different loops.

  6. Print 1 to 10 Tables.

  7. Find factorial of given number (using loop)

  8. Find factorial of number using Recursion.

  9. Check if given year is leap year or not.

  10. Check if given number is Prime number or not

  11. Display Fibonacii series (using iteration) Display Fibonacii series (using recursion)

  12. Find average of 5 numbers using Arrays.

  13. Search if given number is present in the Array (Linear Search)

  14. Find smallest number from given Array.

  15. Display transpose of 2 dimensional matrix.

  16. Find sum of diagonal elements in the Matrix

  17. Perform addition of 2 dimensional matrices

  18. Perform multiplication of 2 dimensional matrices

  19. Find length of given string

  20. Find string length using recursion

  21. Check if given two strings are equal

  22. Copy one string into another string

  23. Reverse given string Reverse given string (using recursion)

  24. Delete all occurrences of given character from the string.

  25. Find sum of digits of given number

  26. Find Generic Root of given number

  27. Reverse given number

  28. Check if given number is Palindrome number or not

  29. Check if given number is Armstrong number or not

  30. Check if given number is Strong number or not

  31. Check if given number is Perfect number or not

  32. Swap values of 2 variables without using 3rd variable

  33. Swap values of 2 variables using Bitwise Operators

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