Develop a MAC OSX application using Xamarin Forms and MVVM -

Develop a MAC OSX application using Xamarin Forms and MVVM




Do you know that you can develop an application for MAC using C# and Visual Studio?

This course will help students understand how to design a MAC OSX based application using Xamarin Forms and MVVM Design Pattern. Understanding what MVVM Framework is and how it can be beneficial for the developers in the short and long run is one of the key aspect that will be covered in this course. This design pattern can be implemented using different libraries. Here in this course, we shall be using MVVMCROSS for implementing MVVM Design pattern while developing. We will be using Visual Studio and/or Jetbrains Rider for development.(P.S. We do not need Rider specially for any operation here. Visual Studio is enough for us to move forward). We will be using C# language and Xamarin Forms mobile application for development.

Here are some of the key points that will help you understand more about the course

  1. Helps understand what is MVVM or Model View View-Model Framework

  2. Implement MVVM Design pattern using MVVMCROSS library

  3. Implement MVVM Design Pattern in Xamarin Forms Application

  4. Talk about some of the very important aspects of MVVMCROSS like AppStart, Navigation, Commands, etc. Walk through each of these topics with an example and code.

  5. Developing a mobile app using different Xamarin Forms UI elements like Label, Entry, ListView, etc.

  6. Working with latest and greatest tech and libraries like Entity Framework Core and SQLITE database.

  7. Implementing new features like File Importing

  8. Working with Xamarin Forms Maps and customizing it

  9. Observe and Understand the pros and cons of the framework.

I hope you find this course useful. Please reach out to me if you've any questions/concerns/comments and I will get back to you soon.

Thank you once again.



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