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Draw Portraits from a Photograph




Have you ever wondered how some artists make a pencil portrait look exactly like a photograph?

This video course teaches you exactly that! As the creator, I will go over some of the main tips and tricks you need to draw a stunning pencil portrait from a picture. This could be one of your loved ones, family, friends, a pet, or anything or anyone else. Once you learn the techniques of outlining, erasing, adding shadows, contrast, and smudging, you can start practicing and be well on your way to becoming a skilled artist yourself.

After drawing my whole life since I was little, I studied at the University of Gent, St. Lukas, an art school where we learned to draw and paint realistically. Continuing my passion, I've released courses, books, and taught classes about the science of drawing portraits. I've had thousands of hours of practice, and with that practice, I can tell you precisely what will work and what doesn't.

Practice helps. Sure. But anyone can do it. You don't need some special talent. All you need to learn, is the knowledge of how to do it, and then accurately use those methods to create your own.

Don't wait and get started now!

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