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Learn How to Manage & Customize Web Sites By Drupal CMS



This Course qualified for anybody wants to learn  how building an integrated Web site in terms of the basic articles and classifications and archive pages with the ability to choose an appropriate template to work as well as gain a good knowledge in the art of dealing with the additions of different software to get to the launch site inoperable, interact and meet the requirements of either personal or site a blog or an introductory site for a company or institution or association with the establishment of all sections of the site, including comparable to the global positioning of companies and individuals, safely and completely protected and a friend to search engines and social networking sites without the need for any prior knowledge of any programming language is absolutely what is required of the participants is the only Internet-connected computer . This session begins with you trip professionalism development of sites. This session will guarantee you the ability to set up professional positions in a very short period of time and there are no pre-requisite to subscribe It is specifically designed for anyone interested in the development of Web sites. Here, we'll explain everything perfectly:

Drupal is based on PHP programming combines blogging properties and characteristics of the forums is devoted to an integrated program for managing content and also members, it gives you complete control over the site.

What are the advantages of Drupal?

  • Free and open source software.
  • Friend for search engines.
  • Customize the content as they want to be either Drupal blog or magazine (Portal) or a site to display the content as pages or only program of lessons .. Anything you want to do.
  • Every time you edit the page saves by Drupal previous pages that have been edited out, so if you want to rescind the amendment you can check the date of the amendment and return the page as it was.
  • Classification system in Drupal very advanced you can classify decorations and works without barriers and seamlessly.
  • Drupal can be used to manage users or communities.
  • Give charity to design template for Drupal easier to design a template WordPress This is true Vdrobal fully based on the language of PHP Bakbak you can play however you want, even if the language in the PHP simple.
  • Drupal provides support through its location, there are a lot of add-ons that you can adopt the site serves the goals.
  • No control over site design as wordpress & PHPbb & vB but is controlled by design.
  • Each point runs in your site is very large and complex with a control panel integrated program.
  • It has multiple additions endless called Modules.
  • Excellent protection and it is difficult to penetrate to the lack of loopholes and the addenda are not as additives other programs are not put the location of the official Drupal until it is reviewed.
  • It won the award for two consecutive years as the best Webware 100 Web application.
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