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Excel to MySQL Web App PHP | PDO| MySQL |AJAX |Bootstrap



In this course, We shall learn how to convert an Excel Sheet (over 1500 Records) to a Database. We then upload the file to MySQL with PHPMyAdmin and build a cool One Page Database Web Application by making the records accessible online via the Web Interface with PHP and Bootstrap. We gonna be using PHP to process Login, Delete Users, Update Users. We gonna learn the Basics of PDO to the Advance Level and Build a Database Class what we gonna be using with PHP to Perform CRUD Functionality. You'll learn to create Pagination like Google Search Pagination for our Over 1500 Records. We gonna be using AJAX to create dynamic search that returns instant results as we type just like Google Search. We shall be doing everything on one page so as to give you a better understanding of how Web Applications Work and how you can confidently create one using PHP, PDO, AJAX, Bootstrap and MySQL. 

Wish you a Successful Learning. 

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