How to Expand Your Consciousness Using Archetypes -

How to Expand Your Consciousness Using Archetypes

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The human experience is consciousness becoming aware of itself, although we don’t like to admit that as much as 90-95% of our thoughts and actions are subconscious. Archetypal psychology aims to explain the human psyche; these are the secret forces behind human behavior. Archetypes tap into the instincts of our inner world. When we trigger an instinct, it activates a pattern of behavior like running a software program on your computer. As such, archetypes reside in the unconscious and influence us without us knowing it.

Through the lessons in this course, you'll come to understand how the archetypes are expressed through yourself and others. Once you're able to observe an archetype manifesting inside you, you've started to separate yourself from subconscious behaviors that you were subject to, but not aware of previously. The four most common major archetypes are The Lover, The Warrior, The Magician and The King/Queen, each of which embodies what it means to be human, including both the healthy manifestations and the unhealthy (shadow) versions.

Understanding the patterns of the human experience will effectively ease our anxieties about the unknown. Additionally, being aware of our subconscious motivations provides a way to separate from our emotions and analyze our thoughts more clearly:

- What values are we demonstrating with each word and action?

- Are we authentic, or are we buying into a 'solution' to an unmet subconscious need?

- Have we done the introspective work that’s required to develop emotionally?

"The cult of the Self, is... a form of idolatry. Everything is about you. Whether it’s the worship of power or money, it all goes back to the self. It all goes back to creating little monuments to yourself. All investment into a particular goal of self-aggrandizement is a kind of pathetic attempt at self-exaltation, and maybe even in a subconscious way at immortality. We have replicated the patterns that past civilizations in collapse underwent- an elite that is no longer connected with the real, that retreats into their bubbles... like the Forbidden City or Versailles, and yet has total economic and political power...

The corporate state has made war against critical thinking, and in particular, the humanities, because the humanities at their best are about teaching people how to think, rather than what to think.

They’re about teaching people to challenge existing assumptions and structures.

"When you don’t understand what’s going on, when you imbibe the illusion that you’re fed, the belief that reality is never an impediment to what you desire, that you can have everything you want.. that blinds you. It keeps you from seeing what’s happening around you. Then, because you are intellectually and emotionally unprepared, you scream for moral renewal and a new savior, and a demagogue, and vengeance... The lunatic fringe at our political establishment, which is often laughed at by even a majority of the populous, in moments like [this], suddenly seizes power." (Hedges, C. American Psychosis 27 October 2020)

"The consumer society plays very well on our weakness inside of this tension. "It magnifies that anxiety to push people in a way that is not only destructive to the community but also deeply self-destructive" (Hedges, C. American Psychosis 27 October 2020)

We should study the archetypes because they tell us how to act, and "acts of conscience often appear at the moment to be meaningless, but when you stand up to decayed systems of power, systems of evil, and you speak a truth, even people within those systems hear your voice" (Hedges, C. American Psychosis 27 October 2020)

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Healthy Minds, Healthy Bodies, Healthy Businesses - Cheers to Your Health!

Dani, Empire Education

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