Fire Safety-Road Map To Be Real Fire Safety Team Leader -

Fire Safety-Road Map To Be Real Fire Safety Team Leader

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Every year we hear about so many fire incidents which result in property damage, environment damage, injuries and fatalities. These fire accidents are mostly due to human negligence, ignorance and  unawareness about fire safety. The Objective of this course is to support fire safety awareness.

This course comprehensively deal with fire safety to reshape and refine concepts about:


Objective of course

Why we need this traning

Importance of fire safety

Fire Case study

Fire Theory

fire theory and chemistry, fire fuels and various ignition source

Fire  Classification

Different systems for fire classifications

Secrets behind fire classification,

Varous fires Vs Fuels

Fire Detection

What is smoke detector

Smoke Detectors and their working principle

Fire extinguishers

Various Fire extinguishers and their main features

Fire extinguisher selection criteria

Use of fire blanket and Wheel unit fire extingisher

Time spectrum of fire extinguisher

Inspection and Maintenance of fire extinguisher

Procedure to hydro test fire extinguisher cylinder

Characteristics of flammable material

Flammability chart

LEL-UEL and Flammable region

Concept of LEL measurement

Devices used to measure LEL

Flash point- fire point and auto-ignition temperature

Flammable and combustible liquids

Various classification of liquids based on their flash point as per different standard organizations

Best Practices about fire safety

   -  Fire procedure-fire alarm

   - Fire prevention

   - Fire fighting Criteria

   - Basics fire fighting rules

   - Tips to prevent fire

   - Risk assessment

   - Fire Emergency Evacuation Plan

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