Forming Questions - Essential English Grammar -

Forming Questions - Essential English Grammar

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How do you ask questions in English? What are the rules in English grammar? How do you form question sentences in English?

Well... learn and find out how it all works in my Forming Questions - Essential English Grammar course!

I will teach you:

How to form questions and in different tenses.

How to use "do" and "don't".

Using open and closed questions.

Using object and subject questions.

Understand question words.

“What” vs. “Which”.

“How often” vs. “When”.

Indirect questions and how to be more polite.

Using questions tags in dialogue.

Short questions and answers.

And more!

Are you looking to increase your English? Pass your IELTS or expand your communication skills? Get a pen and notebook ready and sign up! I will be keeping the course free forever!

See you in the classroom,


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