Functional Programming in Python -

Functional Programming in Python




Functional programming offers developers a more effective way of writing readable, maintainable code. In this course, I help Python developers get up to speed with this increasingly popular programming paradigm, explaining what it is and how adopting it can help you improve the quality and maintainability of your code. I begin by covering the key differences between the declarative and imperative programming paradigms. I then dive into the basics of working with first-class functions in Python, as well as the built-in functions and features in Python that support functional programming. Plus, I go over several advanced concepts, including partial application and recursion.

Learning objectives

  • Why functional programming is effective

  • Comparing declarative and imperative programming

  • First-class functions and how to use them

  • Built-in functions that support functional programming

  • Advanced topics such as recursion and currying

Skills covered in this course

  • Python (Programming Language)

  • Functional Programming

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