Getting Started With PHP Programming 2020 -

Getting Started With PHP Programming 2020



Hi Everyone,

This course is designed to give you the Basics to become a Proficient PHP developer fast in no time!. You'll understand the syntax of PHP , How it works and how to code with modern PHP simply.

By The End of this course you'll be able to:

  • create a simple PHP Apps.

  • Execute PHP scripts simply.

  • Use containers for storing different types of data.

  • Use the ways to get output on screen.

  • Handle the supporting data types for different purposes.

  • Perform operations on variables and values.

  • Perform different actions for different conditions.

  • Execute the same block of code many times, also iterate over arrays.

  • Hands-On Special Types of containers for storing.

  • Functional Programming for performing  specific tasks.

  • built-in variables that are always available in all scopes like $GLOBALS, $_SERVER and more .

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