Getting Started with Podio -

Getting Started with Podio

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Podio is an amazing software tool that can drive your entire business with smart, structured workflows. With Podio can bring your team together to share and communicate while giving your management team total transparency across the business! 

But with all of that power comes a bit a of a learning curve. 

This course is designed for forward-thinking agencies, real estate gurus, manufacturers - anyone that loves Podio - that want to smash that learning curve and unlock the power of Podio fast.

Through 7 easy to follow video tutorials you'll learn:

  1. All of Podio's core features and how to use them
  2. What are Organisations, Workspaces and Apps
  3. How to start building Apps
  4. Simple analogies that will make understanding Podio easy

The course only takes 30 mins to complete and at the end you'll feel confident you and your team can start 'working better' with Podio. 

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