Grow Organic Food To Maintain a Plant-Based Diet -

Grow Organic Food To Maintain a Plant-Based Diet

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  • Is Genetically-Modified Food Safe?

  • Is Animal Protein Bad For You?

  • Do Preservatives Cause Health Problems?

  • Is It Difficult to Grow Mushrooms and Other Indoor Plants?

Stop wondering once and for all about how to integrate a traditional, store-bought diet into your lifestyle- and change the way you source your food for good! Growing your own food is the #1 way to control what goes into your body. Better meal planning and healthy, plant-based cooking is known to help with weight loss, building muscle, and overall wellbeing. In this course, you'll learn about plant-based nutrition and meal planning, as well as how to build your indoor garden for growing your own sprouts, micro greens, leafy greens, vegetables, and mushrooms. Start building your perfect indoor garden today!

Covered in this course:

Section 1 - Set up (lighting, ventilation, grow tent) and Growing Sprouts and Micro Greens

Section 2 - Growing vegetables and Leafy Greens in your indoor garden

Section 3 - Growing mushrooms (where to find spores, how to inoculate and fertilize the substrate, etc.)

Section 4 - 30 Easy Plant-Based Recipes

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