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How to become British?

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Time to be British, is a cutting edge training course designed not only to assist immigrants in passing the “Life in the UK test” citizenship test, but also help them fully integrate into British society, becoming valuable members of their communities.

It’s a fact that 36% of applicants FAILED the Life in the UK test in 2016, and with time ticking failure is not an option for many of today’s applicants. Which is why the Time To Be British Course offers such a GREAT opportunity, helping applicants pass the test 1st time.

The Time to be British course is built around engaging video tutorials, that quickly enable viewers to learn and practise in the most flexible way possible. The course has been developed by an international team of experts who understand the struggles associated with learning a new language. AS such, students will find an easy to use, concise and highly effective training course that will yield great results help them secure the future they have always dreamed of.

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