How to make and publish a business website in HTML templates -

How to make and publish a business website in HTML templates




Available options: This class is about the options you might use to set up your business on the web without buying this course. Of course this is not the intention here and we'll prove you why buying this course is going to make you save a whole lot of money and time, which is most precious

Hands on it: Without wasting your time, in this class I show you an example of how to make a website completely working, made by code, with effects, published, for you to see how easy is that

Do it yourself: In this class you start doing your own website with professional work already done by experts, with paid and free versions according to your need

Hosting and Domain: How to create a domain and how to host your website, how all that stuff works to get your place online

Shaping the codes: How to adjust, edit and modify, images, texts and whatever is necessary to get your website fully yours

More templates and examples: Some other presentations on how to make and publish professional websites with useful tools.

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