How to Set Up a Self-Hosted Wordpress Website in 30 Minutes -

How to Set Up a Self-Hosted Wordpress Website in 30 Minutes



Learn how to set up a WordPress website from scratch in 30 minutes. We've cut out the fluff, so that you only learn what's most essential, as quickly as possible.

With WordPress, you can make a business website to create an online presence, generate leads, or even sell products. You can also make a site for your personal brand to showcase your experience, work, and accomplishments. Last but not least, WordPress is the ideal platform for creating a blog. WordPress makes it easy to add and edit blog posts from multiple authors, complete with images, videos, audio, and other media.

You'll learn exactly what you need to know to get your website live on the internet, step by step, from start to finish. No coding and no experience required.

This includes the following topics:

  • What you need to create a website
  • What is a domain name
  • How to register a domain name
  • What is web hosting
  • How to get and set up the cheapest web hosting
  • What is WordPress
  • How to install WordPress
  • What is a subdomain
  • How to create a subdomain to use as a development site

You don't need a computer science degree and you don't need to pay a developer thousands of dollars to create a website.

With WordPress you can create a beautiful, powerful website without writing code, and this course doesn't require any coding whatsoever. But what if you want to learn how to code? This course is still for you.

The hardest part is getting started and that's exactly what you'll learn to do in this course. You'll learn what you need to get started like registering a domain and setting up web hosting. You'll also learn why you need those things and how to get them set up.

Once you have a WordPress site up and running, it's a great way to start playing around with a real website as you learn more and more about web development. Many people start with WordPress and learn HTML, CSS, and even PHP as they tweak their WordPress site.

Learn by doing. Let's go get started.

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