How to Succeed at Video Marketing on a Low Budget -

How to Succeed at Video Marketing on a Low Budget




Find more clients online via marketing videos. Plan, shoot, and post - all from your phone or laptop. It's so simple.

Let Dom O'Neill a trained Television Professional teach you how to use broadcast TV techniques and hacks to film better videos so you stand out above the crowd.

In this course, you will learn what you need to succeed in online video. When you are staring out no-one cares what camera you use or what software you edit with. What people really want is to see you clearly, hear you well, and be told good stories.

To be heard above the online noise you need to producer regular videos as part of your marketing mix. Your videos need to be

  • more engaging,

  • more watchable,

  • more likable,

  • more shareable,

  • tell better stores

than what your competitors are offering. Remember you don't need to beat the world, you only need to beat the competition. This course can help you do that!

Successful video marketing is not a once a month operation, it's two, three, four, or even five times a week. It's more simple than you think and it's very easy to do. You can make awesome engaging videos with the tech you already have in the office or can cheaply buy from local electronic stores.

In this course, Broadcast TV Professional Dom O'Neill will show you what kit you need to buy and the top tips you need to know to get your content looking amazing on a low budget when you are posting videos every day. It's really simple.

I'm excited to get started, are you?

Let's get learning.

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