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IBE 100: A Free Intro to International Business English

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Discover the possibilities of self-paced micro-courses on business English! International Business English is a new series of courses exclusive to Udemy that covers the key areas that business professionals from around the world who learned English as a second or third language often struggle with. Enhance your English writing and content development skills, learn important rules, and practice your way to the next level in your professional use of English through video lectures, discussions, exercises, quizzes, and more.

Begin to understand all kinds of English issues that can derail your business communications including active voice, run-on sentences, counted nouns, and English articles (a, an, the).

  • Learn easy-to-implement practice steps to improve your English on a daily basis
  • Solidify your knowledge of English grammar and syntax with practice exercises
  • Gain valuable insight into issues affecting the 21st century business language – English.
  • Learn more about the IBE series of courses and if they are right for you

Create more-engaging, less-ambiguous, and easier-to-read business and marketing content in English.

What is IBE, or International Business English?

The technology boom of the 21st century has radically transformed business, making the world much smaller and transforming English into a common language for international businesses. As industries and technology continue to evolve, so does English. What’s more, standing out in a crowded market and building consumer trust are harder than ever as consumers have access to more and more options globally. Thus, the need for professionals from all kinds of industries to excel in English is greater than ever.

International Business English (IBE) a specialized series of self-paced single-topic language courses on Udemy designed to help modern international business men and women improve their communication in English markets and countries by improving their command, understanding, and familiarity of modern business English. A basic proficiency in English is assumed in the course. No information is presented in any language other than English.

Each IBE course covers a different topic with the goal of offering students a customized approach where they can pick and choose the topics with which they need help, saving them both time and money over traditional approaches to language. This course, IBE 100, is a FREE introductory course that introduces students to the IBE series of courses as well as the concepts and issues that the course will cover. Specifically, the course briefly introduces four key issues that IBE students struggle with in their use of English:

  • Run-on Sentences
  • Active Vs. Passive Voice
  • Counted Nouns
  • English Articles (a, an, the)

“This is great! I come from a community that uses a combination of Spanish/English and a as a result I never truly learned either language. Writing in Spanish is hard =O but writing in English is Evil! I just finished Clark's lecture on sentence structure and I gotta say I'm impressed! He gave me a great arsenal of ideas, tips and tricks on how to improve my English writing skills along with documents and exercises to better help me understand what he was teaching! The videos are easy to follow and his voice is gentle but engaging so keeping my attention on his lecture wasn't a problem at all!” – Eleazar Olivares

Content and Overview

More than 13 lectures with over 40 minutes of discussion as well as practice exercises, resource materials, and quizzes. The course is designed form the ground up to make understanding the key issues IBE students struggle with easier to identify, understand, and improve. Not only will you become familiar with the IBE course structure, but you’ll sit in on discussions about how business English has and continues to evolve in the 21st century.

You’ll also discover free resources already around you all the time you can use to improve your writing that you may have previously overlooked. This is the ideal course for anyone who learned English either natively or as a second or third language who currently feels their skills are holding them back professionally. The course assumes a normal understanding of the basics of English and focuses specifically on the issues that IBE students often need extra help to overcome.

While it has been created with non-native speakers in mind, it would certainly benefit any native English speakers who wish to brush up on their professional writing skills. All parts of this course are presented in English.

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