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A complete guide to using English Grammar Effortlessly


You can learn english and it is possible. This course is an introduction to English Grammar. English grammar will help you to speaking English-language perfectly.

English speaking is about knowing the rules of English Grammar. This introductory course is to help you correct grammatical errors in a simple way. In this course all the grammatical errors have been identified and corrected. You can start correcting your errors at once and in a simple way.

Other courses will be created on the different grammar components.

In this course, you will learn with a 4-structured system which I have used to train a group of adults who were not able to use their English Grammar fluently.


This is more than just creating a course:


1.You will correct English grammatical errors easily.


2.You will also learn how to perfect your tenses.


3.You will learn how to use your verbs and parts of speech in different ways to make English interesting.


4.This course will help you to be happy again because you will learn ways of using english grammar.


5.It will help you pass all  your English examinations (TOEFL)



  These are the major challenges students face as far as English Language and Grammar is concerned:


1.They treat English as a subject, rather than a life skill, with global ramifications.


2. They do not realize that English language acquisition entails five critical skills sets: Reading, Writing, Thinking, Speaking and Listening.


If you are wondering if this course is for you


One of my adult students of the adult literacy class used this course to be able to speak and write English fluently to get a promotion at her workplace and church. This course has helped a lot of students to use English grammar effortlessly than before. The 4-system structure in the course helped a lot of students because it was interactive.


Even if you are already good at your English grammar, you are going to learn much valuable information here that will help you be more fluent and help you pass all your English examinations.


Complete satisfaction or your money back


I am reminding you that when you buy this course, your purchase is RISK-FREE. You are assured of your 30 day money back guarantee. By the way, I am convinced that this is the best course on English grammar to help you correct all the major errors when speaking, writing and reading. This is a prove course I made for adult literacy class (a class where these adults speak with a lot of grammatical errors).


Who is the right target audience?


Take this course:


  • If you are an English student and a beginner in English Grammar. 

  • If you are not comfortable with your English grammar.

  • If you want to upgrade your speaking and listening skills in English.

  • If you want to master English grammar and take your English to the next level.

  • If you want to pass all your English grammar examinations successfully.


It is for everyone.


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