Interactive Web Animations [JavaScript, SVG, CSS & HTML] -

Interactive Web Animations [JavaScript, SVG, CSS & HTML]




Interactive Web Animations [JavaScript, SVG, CSS & HTML]


1. History of Web Animations

2. CSS Animations

- CSS Animation properties

- CSS Key frame rule

- CSS Transitions

3. SVG Animations

- SVG Animation elements

- Attribute to identify the target element for an animation

- Attributes to control the timing of the animation

- Attributes that define animation values ​​over time

- Attributes that control whether animations are additive

- SVG elements, attributes and properties that can be animated, and we will also learn Interface Time Event

- Interactivity features in SVG

4. JavaScript Animations

- getElementById() method

- Call planning method setinterval()

- addEventListener() method

- getAttribute & setAttribute methods

- How to penetrate the complex SVG attributes of elements using regular expressions

- 3d positioning

- The functions of constructors

- Creation of SVG primitives

- Сreating arrays of objects, managing their properties

- Capabilities of Web Animation using masks & clip path

- Web Animations API

- Combination of animation techniques

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