Mental Health Issue - Suicide & Helping People ( Certified ) -

Mental Health Issue - Suicide & Helping People ( Certified )

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This course enables you to learn about mental health issues like suicide or suicidal behavior, this course helps you to study the psychology of the person affected by a trauma and any kind of mental health issues, it also contains the existential psychotherapy and psycho dynamics and psychoanalysis theories to help people with this condition or trauma.

You can help people around you suffering from a severe mental health condition.

This course describes about the Mental health hazards and disorders which we all go through and how to relieve ourselves as well as helping others getting over this.

This course contains the main mental health disorders and ways to induce positive energy in our brain.

Mental health conditions can come at any age or moment which will make things difficult for a person, this course will tell you how to make use of science and conscience to be able to come up from the phase of such mental health issues and tackle them easily.

Suicidal behaviors are of four types and we are gonna discuss about suicide thoroughly. Also we gonna consier how a person can come out of this Mental Health Issue.

This course contains the ways to help people with serious metal health issue which is suicide. Helping people with suicidal behavior is a challenge when person is going through the phase of depression.

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