Java Selenium Cucumber Framework Part 2 -

Java Selenium Cucumber Framework Part 2



This is second part of Java Selenium Cucumber Framework Tutorial. 

I recommend to watch first free part of the training before this course:

Java Selenium Cucumber Framework Part 1 (details about this course are in Lecture 2 which is a free preview)

In Java Selenium Cucumber Framework Part 2 we will learn how to :

- create cucumber test written in Gherkin using Java Selenium Cucumber automation framework which we will continuously build during the course. 

- create Java Glue Code (Step definitions)

- create Java Page Object Model and Page Factory  with Java and Selenium Webdriver

- identify elements on web page using Chrome Developer tools 

- build xpaths for identifying elements

- create test for login to Facebook

- use basic Selenium commands

- run test as Cucumber test using Cucumber for Java plugin in IntelliJ

- create java runner, call it from from TestNG xml file and run test as TestNG test

- adjust maven pom xml file, create maven command to run the test and run test as maven build

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