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Learn 3 Robots - Zero to Hero in 3 Hours

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                                                                                   ~~~ BUILD YOUR OWN AUTOMATED ROBOT ~~~

Robot is now becoming part of daily life. This series of "Learn 3 Robots - Zero to Hero in 3 Hours" modules has an end-goal focus on the diverse field of robotics. In this module I we will learn what is Robot and History of ROBOT. In Further modules your knowledge and skills will be upgrade your skills on real-life digital working ROBOTS . This course is for anyone with an interest in Arduino and robotics. Students will get to assemble, code and test a functioning Line Following Robot, obstacle avoiding robot, Obstacle Following robot.

This course will teach you the process for building a robot from the idea stage to a functional robot prototype.
Using the popular Arduino board, you will be guided step by step with various Arduino Projects that are fun and ideal to learn the basics of programming the Arduino and building a Robot from scratch.

                                                                                     ****  FAQs about course  ****

Why build these 3 ROBOTICS projects?

Robotics is transforming the world.
Robotics involves electronics, mechanics and programming. And the number of engineers with good robotics skills is far below demand.
You can only learn and experience robotics by building robots. These projects take you through the entire journey of building robots from scratch.

Why join this Robotics career building course?

In this course, you will practically learn the concepts of Robotics from basics to advanced by building projects and develop the skills needed for an exciting career in Robotics. The course helps you to develop enough experience to apply for jobs or higher studies in Robotics with confidence.

Am I eligible for this course?

Anybody who want to develop robotics skills & build an exciting career in robotics can take up this career building course.

The course is for everyone whether you are a beginner or a more advanced Maker who wants to understand the complete process of building a Robotic system.

Things included in this course :

1. Arduino description needed for ROBOTICS

2. Arduino programming complete for various ROBOT

3. Hardware handling of ROBOT

4. Designing and building a simple Differential Drive ROBOT

5. The basics of Programming the Arduino / Genuino  board

6. Method to build large codes for projects like robots

7. Circuit Diagram of Every ROBOT in Descriptive manner

8. Descriptive Explaining of Every Sensor used in ROBOT

Get started with Arduino and making robots.

You will learn how the arduino board works, how to build basic circuits and control Robot.

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