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Comic Books: Shading



Have you ever looked at some comic books and said "WOW", look at this characters, they are so cool. And so, you go deeply and see the shading of them and see that it's very unique. Yes, we're speaking about comic hatching. Comic books usually have a good play of contrast, and the characters have a very specific shading on it's body, and this is one of the thinks that makes 'em so cool.

And so, have you ever Think on doing this Kind of stuff? Well, If you answered Yes, welcome, and If you said no, welcome too.

Here in our Shading in comic book Style we are going to learn many basic tools that will make possible and easy for doing this kind of stuff we see in the comic books, The character shading. But keep in mind that what you're going to learn here Its going to have It's use in many different areas of drawing, and some, in all.

So, I hope you have the most of the course, and let's put our hands in the mass!

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