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Let`s Write Your Research Proposal - Research Methodology




In any undergraduate or postgraduate programme, the ultimate milestone is to complete a research project. The inception of a research project occurs from the research proposal. This course will teach you the significant concepts associated with research methodology and how you can create your research proposal.

Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to:-

  1. Distinguish the difference between an implementation project and a research project.

  2. How to gauge the research contribution?

  3. How to find a research gap?

  4. How to create a problem statement?

  5. How to create a research question?

  6. How to set the aim/motivation and research objectives?

  7. What is the research philosophy?

  8. Quantitative, Qualitative and mix-mode researches.

  9. How to create your literature review?

  10. How to create the methodology?

  11. How to plan your research`s evaluation strategies?

  12. Complete research proposal structure

  13. Iterative framework in practice.

  14. Thematic Analysis in practice

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