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Level Up Your Humor - Become Twice As Funny Within 1 Week

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This course teaches you a set of exercises, lifestyle hacks and mindsets that take your natural sense of humor to the next level.

Many people think that some people are just born super funny.

You know, like that one person from your high school that would crack one joke after another.

While you were sitting there thinking: "How does he/she come up with this funny stuff all the time?"

Well, as it turns out there is an answer to that question.

And the answer is:

To come up with funny stuff spontaneously, you have to train your brain to be funnier.

You see, in real life humor is spontaneous. 

You chat to someone, something inspires you and BAM, a joke pops into your head.

And to become funnier, you want these "moments of inspiration" to happen more often.

And that's exactly what this course is about. No preplanned jokes, no "Stand up routines", but real life humor.

Who am I to teach you?

My name is Felix, and I love self-development. When I find something that interests me (whether it's strength training, drawing or humor) I read every book I can on it and love "nerding" out on it.

So a while ago I wanted to work on my humor... and did exactly that.

While I never REALLY struggled with humor, with certain people I found it easy to be funny... while with others it just didn't quite "click".

So I read a few books, and tried different ways to work on my humor.

I started to realize that while there are millions of different ways to make people laugh, there are certain patterns in humor, that come up again and again.

And once you become aware of these patterns, humor becomes less mysterious.

I also realized that every person's "unique" sense of humor, just comes down to a preference in certain humor patterns.

Once you truly "get" someone's preferred humor patterns... you get their taste in humor... and it's super easy to make them laugh, and resonate with them on that level with them.

As my discoveries worked well for me, and I love digital courses myself... I decided to create one for you guys, teaching you how to be funnier.

SO, here's what you'll see inside "Level Up Your Humor"


  • 6 Humor Mindsets: This is the "inner game" section of the course. Adopting these 6 Mindsets will make you learn humor much faster. This is a short and sweet section, that will get your mind set in the right place, to make sure you get maximum gains from the exercise portion.

  • Humor Lifestyle Hack: Here I'll show you a simple lifestyle hack, that will make "becoming funnier" a habit and part of your life. It's straight forward, and after watching the video you can implement it straight away.

  • 3 Step Process To Exercise Your Humor: This is the heart of the course and where things get practical. Here you'll learn a 3 Step Process (or a 3 Step Exercise, if you will) that you can use anytime you hear or see something funny to exercise your humor. This section builds on the lifestyle hack. So by implementing the lifestyle hack, you'll automatically have countless opportunities each day to practice the 3 Step Process... and put "Humor practice" on autopilot...

And Last But Not Least:

  • "10 Examples" Video + Cheat Sheet: Here I show you TEN examples, of how I apply the 3 Step Process. I use examples from Comedians, from my own life, and low-key everyday humor, and walk you through the 3 Step Process with each. After watching this section you'll know exactly how to apply everything you learned in the course, and the sky is the limit.


  1. Summary PDFs for each section

  2. 1 Week Implementation Plan

  3. Private Members Facebook Group

So once you finished watching the videos, you can download the 1 Week Implementation Plan, and you'll know exactly how to apply the lessons and get results.

And if you have any questions you can ask them in the Private Members Facebook Group where I'll answer them personally.

Sounds sweet enough?

To help you decide, let me tell you who this course if for, and who probably wouldn't enjoy it as much:

This course is for you if:

-You want to get that ability to "vibe" with people through humor, that normally you have a hard time resonating with (work colleagues, friends of friends, strangers,...etc.)

-You struggle with TRULY understanding why people laugh, and when you're funny it just somehow "happens to you", instead of being something you know how to do.

-You can make your close friends laugh who "get" you, but wish you'd be able to joke around with a wider range of people

-You want to learn how to exercise your humor muscles in a proactive way

This course is NOT for you, if:

-You want to become a stand up comedian or expect to learn jokes of by heart

-You just want to watch passively and not take action

So, that's it from my side -if Humor is an area of your life that you wish you'd be better at...

... then this 1 hour long course is a fast way to get it handled once and for all.

Hope to see you inside!


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