Linux Command Line Made Easy -

Linux Command Line Made Easy

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Why this course ?

Do you feel Linux is quite hard to start ? This is most well explained Linux command course on Udemy. Linux commands are explained in easy and clear way.

Following commands are covered in this course

  1. Intro terminal with : date, cal, man, history, clear
  2. Navigation and exploration system with : pwd, cd, ls
  3. File administration with : mkdir, cp, mv, rm, find, locate, wildcards
  4. File content with : cat, head, tail, less, touch, nano, grep
  5. Process with : top, ps, kill
  6. Network with : ifconfig, ping, wget

Why learn Linux ?

  1. Linux is essential - when ever you want to become administrator or developer or technical support
  2. Linux is everywhere – you are most likely already using Linux on a daily basis
  3. Linux is versatile – you can use Linux on virtually anything you develop
  4. Linux is a community – you can work with other Linux developers to share knowledge and learnings

So ENROLL this course now and start boot up your Linux career. If you do not satisfy you have 30 days for money back with no question. 

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