Mastering Farsi from Alphabet to Daily Conversation -

Mastering Farsi from Alphabet to Daily Conversation

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In this course you will begin learning Farsi (Dari) from the absolute basics; the alphabets. The first part of the course will help you master pronouncing each letter and be able to write it in all its forms. The second part will allow you to build your vocabulary, learn how to form phrases and understand some grammatical concepts.

From start to end, each lesson comes with a video based pronunciation and reading practice, as well as a writing exercise.

The Part 2 lessons will include the following:

  • Greetings

  • Pronouns and introducing yourself

  • Introducing family members

  • The 5 W's and using them to ask questions

  • Seasons and talking about the weather

  • Prepositions and asking/giving directions

  • Numbers and shopping

  • Weekdays and talking about the time

  • Colours and talking about your likes/dislikes

  • Food names and requesting/offering phrases

  • Body parts and seeing the doctor

  • Future tense and talking about your tomorrow

  • Past tense and talking about yesterday

  • More!!!

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