Materials and Finishes in Interior Design -

Materials and Finishes in Interior Design




The interior design world is always upgrading and improving all the aspects that contribute to a better design and therefore a better lifestyle. The options of materials and finishes are growing day by day, we never had more access to a variety of raw materials and technologically sophisticated surfaces and styles like we do in the present. The market is full of choices and possibilities that can get you overwhelmed and maybe a little bit off-track. The smart and ideal decision taken when deciding  on specific finish is all based on the context, meaning that every case or project in interior design requires a specific finish treatment. For that reason i intended to clarify and elaborate in this course 7 main materials and finishes in interior design.

The general content of this course include:

Definition of the material,

Types and subcategories of the material,

Finishes available for this material,

Tables of comparisons,

Pros and cons,

Specific usage of each material,

Over view on the installation process


--> Join me in this very informative course and lets get as much knowledge as possible to master our profession :) <--

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