Modern Greek for Complete Beginners -

Modern Greek for Complete Beginners

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You learn by doing. This is particularly true for languages. That's why it's so important to practise what you're learning. In this course, you won't just watch lectures and do exercises, you'll practise in the lectures.

This course is for complete beginners, and is mainly taught in English. There are four sections, and each section builds on the knowledge of the previous one. I use activities within the lectures to make the lessons as interactive as possible, and include quizzes at the end of sections 1 to 3 so that you can check how much you’re learning.

If you want to learn a bit of Greek before you go on holiday to Greece or Cyprus, if you work with Greek people and want to impress them, or if you're embarking on an epic language learning journey, this is the course for you. If not, get your money back!

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