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Multiplication table in 3 hours

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This method is based on memorizing by images and mnemonics.

· The course “Multiplication Table in 3 hours” helps to memorize difficult numerical material with the help of comprehensible objects and situations.

· Visual content, interesting cartoons create “memory pegs”. It helps to recall abstract facts easily. That’s why this course will be helpful if your child is active and inattentive.

· Music and sounds enhance perception, which aids natural, involuntary memorization. This makes the learning process simple and enjoyable.

· Thanks to special worksheets your child already after a week of practicing will know all multiplication facts numerically, not using mnemonic characters anymore.

· Once the child masters times tables, which will be quicker than you can imagine, he/she can then apply math skills in real-life practical situations and at school.

Read what others are saying:

"Before passing it my son couldn’t learn the times tables, it was a total disaster. We used different methods. With your course we studied without any tension only when he had a wish to. It was so fast and easy! You don’t need to spend much time sitting down and studying with your child. He will study on his own with pleasure. Parents are always happy when a child enjoys the studying process and it works well, especially because it’s in the form of a game. Best wishes, Galina." Galina lazarenko, mother

"That’s a cool method to learn times tables. We learnt all the facts in just 1 week even though my son has troubles with memorizing things, like 2+5. Now he can multiply and divide really fast. The school teacher was very surprised. It’s a must course or all children!" Marina Riznichenco, mother

"Thank you for the course “Multiplication table in 3 hours”. We passed it with pleasure getting high quality skill. We haven’t watched the last lesson about division yet. But the results we got were already enough to start dividing using memory. Thank you for this interesting approach, the way you present the material. Best wishes, good luck with your new projects!" Maria Honina, mother of homeschooled child

“Multiplication table in 3 hours” is the coolest and funniest training I've seen in my 20 years of working at school. If you still harbour doubts, try!!! You will never regret it!!! I checked it on my students, nephews and even not my students. It's amazing! This year my 2nd grade pupils will learn the times tables only by this method." Galina Vovk, teacher of elementary grades

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