Mysteries of Motivation, Insights & Strategies for Leaders! -

Mysteries of Motivation, Insights & Strategies for Leaders!

Personal Development


Motivated and Engaged Employees are everyone's dream come true! Happier and more productive employees, less absenteeism and turnover ... it is almost a panacea for most, if not all, the ills that Corporations and Institutions face.

And yet, it's never been easy to figure out sustainable ways to do so. There are some tenets of ancient wisdom, which have been practiced for centuries, but without really any long term improvement in employee motivation or  engagement.

This Course will take you you into the depths of Motivation Theories, the research behind them, and what their findings and lessons are! It also delves into evolution and history, to provide a context to understand the complexities of human motivation, what works, and what does not, under different circumstances.

Some Images and Videos courtesy Pixabay, Videezy, Pexels and FreePik. Some Music snippets courtesy Bensound.

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