Perfect Whitebaord Animation Course Using Videoscribe 2020 -

Perfect Whitebaord Animation Course Using Videoscribe 2020




My name is Usama Sajid and I am an expert whiteboard animator with more than 3 years of experience. I have made hundreds of videos for my local, as well as international clients, using videoscribe.

In this course, I'll teach you videoscribe from the very beginning level and drive you through each and every tool with complete detail.

After the basic level, we will move towards the intermediate level in which I will teach you some new things about recording your real human voiceover, scriptwriting for your videos, selecting awesome doodles, and copyright-free background music.

Then we will move onto the advanced level where I'll be going through kinetic typography in videoscribe and drive you through step by step process of creating unique animated videos with real-world projects. Enroll now to get started.

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