Prospecting Strategies for Fast Growth: Financial Advisers -

Prospecting Strategies for Fast Growth: Financial Advisers



Prospecting Strategies for Fast Growth is a complete, step by step sales and business development process. It shows you the mindset, sales strategies and techniques needed to identify high quality prospects for your business easily  and consistently WITHOUT the need to make cold calls.

The most successful sales efforts are based on strategy. Strategic prospecting is maximizing your resources — using your resources to the very best advantage in order to position yourself favorably amongst the most qualified prospects.

This program will help you to identify your most profitable prospects, where to locate them and the most effective strategies for reaching out and connecting with them. We will also be exploring several online and offline prospecting strategies.

By the end of this course, you will be able to sell the most to the greatest number of customers at the least cost and at the highest possible profit.

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