Python - A language for Data Sciences and Machine Learning -

Python - A language for Data Sciences and Machine Learning

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I am excited to know that you are planing to join me in this crash course on Python Essentials. Python is considered a language for Data Science and Machine Learning, whereas, jupyter notebook is a preferred tool by leading Data Scientists. This course will provide you a solid platform and covers the key concepts that are absolute essentials for data scientists. You are going to get hands-on training using jupyter notebook so that you get what is the industry demand!

The course includes HD lectures along with  detailed code notebooks for every lecture. The course also includes practice exercises on the topics you will cover, the goal is "Learn by Doing"! 

Good luck,

Junaid Qazi, PhD

We will cover:

  • Basis Python programming concepts that will help for Data Science and Machine Learning career

  • Data Types, Strings and sting operations, Lists, Dictionaries, Comparisons Operators, if, else, elif statement, Loops, List Comprehension, Functions, Lambda Expression, Map and Filter

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