Data Analysis with Pandas and Python [2020] for Beginners -

Data Analysis with Pandas and Python [2020] for Beginners

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---> "Thanks to Piyush Sir, for explaining basics of python in a lucid way.

I would recommend this course, whoever is very much new to Python and interested in understanding basic concepts of Numpy and Pandas from scratch."

--->"Yes, this is course i was looking for my knowledge which will eventually help me in my professional growth.

I will surely recommend this course to anyone who is interested in Data science or Data Engineering"

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The course is packed with real life projects examples and include Covid19 Data Analysis ( real life Hospital Data ) which you will be doing as part of Assignment. Solutions and source code is provided

  1. Get Transformed from Beginner to Expert .

  2. Become expert in using Python Pandas,NumPy libraries ( the most in-demand )

  3. Source Codes are provided for each session so that you can practise along with the lectures..

  4. Start doing the extrapolatory data analysis ( EDA) on any kind of data and start making the meaningful business decisions

  5. Start python programming professionally

  6. Extract data from various sources like websites, pdf files, csv and RDBMS databas

  7. Start using the highest in-demand libraries used in Data Science / Data Analysis project : Pandas , NumPy 

  8. Start making visualisations charts - bar chart , box plots which will give the meaningful insights

  9. Learn the art of Data Analysis , Visualizations for Data Science Projects

We will also go through Melbourne Real estate data , market data , Covid 19 Data and analyse which factors are key to decide car price .

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