Python for absolute beginners 2020 - Python 3 with examples -

Python for absolute beginners 2020 - Python 3 with examples




contains examples, tasks, and exercises to learn python and how to code.

and as an example: we will together program and code an app or a website that distributes tickets of a party to only people who are 18 years old or above. and we will code this program using the python language and I will teach you how to do it by your self, by explaining every single code line.

this is the most suggested python course for you if you know nothing about python at all. however, as a beginner, you will be guided from how to download python to how to use python and how to write shortcode lines on the phyton program.

in other words, If you're new to python, start with this informative course to learn the concepts and the basics first.

and if you already watched other python courses and you didn't understand them and you had difficulties follow the instructor, I suggest you start with this course asap.

you will learn by doing and by exploring how things work on the python.

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