Reflection of Light -

Reflection of Light

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This course is the first of many courses in the series The Simply Science – Learning Series, intended to elevate the knowledge levels of students of class 10 and develop higher interest in Natural sciences .

The course will address concepts of Reflection of Light in different surfaces and specific rules around image formation and their measurement.

The course has been designed based on the curriculum prescribed by NCERT which is also the syllabus followed by CBSE and other state education boards in India for Class 10. Many other educational materials have been referred to enrich the content and support students in their path of excellence.

The Course contents are as below :

–Introduction to Light

–Spherical Mirrors

–Image Formation by Spherical Mirrors

–Image Formation in Concave Mirror

–Uses of concave mirrors

–Image Formation in Convex Mirror

–Uses of convex mirrors

–Sign Conventions

–Mirror Formula

–Linear Magnification

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