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Rhythm Fundamentals - How to listen and count rhythms




In this course, we are going to learn the absolute basics of how to count rhythms, listen to pattens and be able to clap and count these rhythmic patterns back. We will first focus on simple short patterns and then slowly add in different note lengths, and syncopated rhythms as well

Each class will have the same format:

  • Introduce a new concept in rhythmic ear training

  • Give examples/exercises of how to listen, understand and achieve this concept

  • Take a guided quiz based on what you have learned

What makes this class somewhat unique is that we will start at the absolute beginning, and once you understand the concepts of basic counting skills, we then explore how these different rhythms work together quizzes and tutorials.

This is the perfect course for someone who want to learn how rhythms works, but feels overwhelmed by the fast pace of many "learn to play drum" courses.`

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