SAP S/4HANA Industry Solutions - Retail - An Overview -

SAP S/4HANA Industry Solutions - Retail - An Overview

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SAP's Industry Solutions are Industry specific solutions targeting Industries like Retail, Oils and Gas, Fashion, Mill Products etc. These industry operations in general is different than the normal Industries  or normal Industry solution may not be fully applicable to these industries by their very nature of operations.

SAP Legacy platforms, serve these Industries well by additional adoption of functionalities attached to their SAP platforms. But the pain-point is difficulties in implementing, maintaining and operating such attachments through interfaces.  It is normally complex and often leaves gaps while catering business solutions with respect to capabilities and what Industry actually wants.

SAP S/4HANA Core offers highly efficient Industry specific solutions which are faster, quicker and eliminates duel maintenance of master-data. Apart from that, interfacing is either easy or eliminated as all the set up and operations are centralized.

This course as explained in 'expectations' session is made purely to give an overview so that students / consultants will have an understanding of Industry Solutions apart from their core subject. That will certainly help to become an differentiator in their consultancy as well as in job interviews.

This course does not cover any technical system demo or exercise but provides useful overview explained in a detailed way so that students can visualize the scenario very well.

This course focusses on retail. There are subsequent releases where we will be bringing out Mill Products, Fashion Industry as well as Oil and Gas.

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