Shortest Premiere Pro Tutorial (2017) -

Shortest Premiere Pro Tutorial (2017)

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  • #1 This is the shortest fast-track course of the newest Premier Pro (Premier Pro CC 2017) on the internet
  • #2 Only 50 minutes and you will know everything that matters in Premier Pro
  • #3 The series is fast-paced; it teaches the basics and it’s 99% practical
  • #4 You don’t not need any video knowledge in order to learn Premier Pro with this course
  • #5 Don’t waste months trying to find a good video tutorial... you don’t have time for that
  • #6 Going through the eleven amazing videos, you'll also learn some advanced solutions
  • #7 You’ll no longer need to ask around for help or pay someone to make your video
  • #8 Your teacher Dan is from the USA; speaks perfect English, you will easily understand him
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